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Celebrate Field Day Events!

Field Day The buzz of a new year or a year coming to an end is a great excuse to put together a celebration! Field Day events have increased in popularity in schools and colleges across the nation. The two most common are The Back to School Bash and End of the Year Bash.Field Days are for connecting and interacting with fellow classmates and staff. Choose pieces that reflect positive energy with teambuilding. Obstacle courses, slides, or other interactive pieces are great options for your upcoming Field Day. A few of our favorite inflatables are: Human Foosball, 18’ Dual Lane S...

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Casino Night Parties

5 Tips for Planning Perfect Casino Night Parties A high rolling Las Vegas vacation is one of the great pleasures of life. The glitz and glamour of the shows, the endless amounts of food and drink and the thrill of gaming in the casino makes it a top vacation hot spot.  Casino night parties have become very popular special events due to the fun and excitement this themed event brings. From ...

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Special Event Catering

Guest Approved Special Event Catering - How do you please the masses? Gluten free, vegan, dairy free, vegetarian, peanut free. . .  It’s all Greek to you!  You’ve heard these terms before, but truly understanding the needs of your event guests can be overwhelming.  At some point when feeding large groups of people, you have to draw a line between reasonable accommodations and items you just can’t make happen.  It’s inevitable that some guests will have food limitations that you will need to accommodate with your special event ...

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Employee Gift Ideas

5 Popular Employee Gift Ideas Employees are one of the biggest contributors to a company’s success and employee gifts are a much needed item of recognition for hard work and dedication. Handing out unique, employee gifts at the office during the holidays, or during a company holiday party, is a great way to show appreciation and boost employee morale. At other times in the year, employee anniversary recognition and employee appreciation weeks are great times to recognize and give back to those employees w...

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Party Theme Ideas

6 Party Theme Ideas for Your Next Company Party For many corporations, company parties are an annual way to show employee appreciation and celebrate milestones. To keep employees excited about this event, keep it fresh. Don’t do the same thing as last year, and the year before that, choose theme parties.  Honestly, a party without a fun theme really isn’t a party at all.  It’s just a group of people being mandated to look like they’re having a good time.  Here are six party theme ideas fitting for adults and appropr...

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Holiday Party Location Tips

How to Choose the Right Location for Your Company Holiday Party Holidays and the end of the year are near. Now is the time to get your employees together for a company holiday party. This allows everyone to appreciate and acknowledge company achievements, moving the organization forward, and let off some steam! There are many decisions to make when planning an office holiday party.When choosing a site, consider the size of your guest list, any activities, and whether it will be held in the afternoon or evening. An evening party is best suited outside the workplace at a convenien...

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Company Celebrations

Company Celebrations and Milestones can be an amazing time to celebrate! No matter whether it is for 25 employees or 10,000 employees, Elite Event Services has the solutions for your upcoming company celebration! We can do as little or as much as you want for your special day, but we offer a complete entertainment service so you can relax and enjoy your event with your employees.  Employee engagement only happens when true appreciation is shown and delivered throughout an organization.If you are interested in rewardi...

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