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5 Things We Love About Events

Meeting new people Our company services a variety of organizations, businesses, schools, and churches. With this wide diversity of business, we encounter clients of all ranges. The opportunity to build positive working relationshipswith each client is extremely important to us. Understanding the needs and vision for their event is crucial as well. EES strives to exceed expectations.Every day is different Arriving to the office or to an event site is never the same. Some days are hectic, phones ringing non-stop, trucks being unloaded just to be reloaded again. The occasi...

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A Few Things to Know About Elite Event Services

In case you may have wondered how Elite Event Services came about. Read through the following facts to learn a little bit more about us!Elite Event Services opened their doors in 2011. Owners, Kyle and Rachel, started the business out of their garage, and then when the business started to grow, they moved into a small warehouse in Granite City, Illinois. We have since relocated to an even larger location in Edwardsville, IL. We are proud to be serving the community foreight years.The business started with 1 employee. Today we staff, 3 full-time and 25 part-time employees.In the ear...

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Winter Events!

The weather may be chilly outside, but that does not mean your events have to  be boring! Elite Event Services offers entertainment to kick those winter blues!  An event could be a holiday party, special occasion, or simply a social gathering.Carnival & Casino EventsDuring the winter months, casino...

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Photo Booth Rental

Looking for something different and unique for your next event? Why not rent a photo booth?A photo booth can bring out the fun and goofy side of coworkers and friends. Gather your palsand come have us take your picture!Our selection of backgrounds and borders are abundant. You are sure to find something to match the theme or color scheme of your upcoming party. We have everything from formal, prints, movie characters, masco...

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Annual Community Events

Annual Community Events are a fun way to bring communities together. These events can take many different forms. Some follow strong, traditional values which bring about closeness and a sense of pride to the town, while othersmay be more unique and can showcase what sets your community apart from the rest! Each type of event your community organizes can be beneficial. Communities hosting Annual Events can lead to an increase in traffic and tourism. This allows small business owners to have the opportunity to shine! Every year, our company proudly assists numerous communities in both Missouri a...

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Church Events

Throughout the year, congregations gather together as a form of worship to celebrate a variety of hosted events. Popular among our clients are:Fall Festivals, Trunk or Treats, Easter jamborees, andSummer VBS.If your congregation is new to the idea of these types of events,you have come to the right spot!All of these events can be held indoors or outdoors. Clients previously have opened their church’s gymnasium or cleared their parking lot to make room for all of the festivities.Typically, an array of carnival games, crafts, and inflatables are set up to entertain children of all ...

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Sno Cones, Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Oh My!

Sno Cones, Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Oh My!

Your company event is fast approaching; do you have the ultimate snacks to feed your hungriest guests?How to DecideWe all know the options of yummy snacks are endless, so how do you choose which ones will be the best for your event? First, the venue determines which snacks will be best. If seating is limited and guests will be moving around the event site, then snacks that are grab n go are best.  A few grab n go options are;sno cones, popcorn, or cotton candy. If your venue has plenty of seating available, hotdogs, funnel cakes, or nachos with cheese would be more appropriat...

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How to Choose a Party Rental Vendor for Your Next Special Event

Next time you have a special event that you want to plan, be sure to take into consideration the next few things to ensure that your event will be a success! Party Vendors with VarietyFirst thing to consider when planning your special event is what kind of party you want to have. Is it a corporate event? A birthday party? Or maybe even a church picnic? You want to be sure to choose a party rental that has many options for you. From the variety of inflatables they have for you to choose from to the catering services and entertainers they offer, choose a place ...

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Planning an event can be stressful, but there are several ways to decrease the stress. Preferred vendors are just one way to decrease the stress of planning a variety of events. Vendors on this list are typically reliable and trustworthy in the eyes of the company – they also tend to offer a discounted price in trade for the relationship that they establish. These lists are important for various reasons, but below are three reasons.Makes Planning EasierTypically in an event planning business, your customers are going to want their event catered to them and their needs. You a...

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corporate party event - Elite Events

Company Party in the Workplace

Does your company need to cut costs or looking to take a more low key approach to the annual company party? Hosting a party in-house is a great alternative. Workplace Parties boost morale, employee recognition, and not to mention a higher attendance rate due to most workplace parties take place during normal business hours. This leaves little excuse for employees to not drop by. No one will have to worry about finding a babysitter or searching for a parking spot!To kick off a workplace party, food and entertainment are extremely important. A party host should put thought into the menu. One...

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