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5 Tips for Planning Perfect Casino Night Parties 

A high rolling Las Vegas vacation is one of the great pleasures of life. The glitz and glamour of the shows, the endless amounts of food and drink and the thrill of gaming in the casino makes it a top vacation hot spot.  Casino night parties have become very popular special events due to the fun and excitement this themed event brings. From corporate events to after proms to university late nights, hosting a casino night can be a lot of fun — if you do it right. Here are some tips to make sure that your casino night event goes down without a hitch.

Hire Experienced Casino Dealers

Hiring experienced dealers will increase the atmosphere and fun for your guests.  Having real dealers makes a big difference in the overall experience your guests will have at the casino party event.

If you’re hosting the party and can’t find real dealers, then get some friends who are familiar with the games to volunteer as dealers and make sure everyone is up to speed on the rules of the games. Playing dealer can be a lot of fun for the guests, so you shouldn’t have much trouble getting volunteers.  Casino night parties can also have local “celebrity” dealers like the Mayor, CEO, Principal, etc.

Rent Professional Grade Equipment

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Consider a Theme

Las Vegas casinos are all about themes, so casino night parties shouldn’t be any different.  You can go old school Rat Pack, or spice it up with a Black Tie Gala.  Caesar’s Palace is one of the most famous casinos on the strip so consider togas and ancient Rome.  Other popular Las Vegas Casinos that make great themes are the Flamingo, Paris, New York New York, and Circus Circus.  The extra effort to really bring home the theme makes a huge impact on the total guest experience.

Use it as a Fundraiser

Casino night parties offer a great opportunity to raise funds for a good cause.  You can offset the cost of the casino table rentals by getting local businesses to sponsor them in exchange for advertisement and recognition at your event.  You can charge guests a ticket fee to get into the event.  The ticket can entitle them to starting chips, drinks and appetizers.  Additional chips can always be purchased throughout the night to increase revenue as well.  At the end of the night, guests can turn in their chips for raffle tickets for chances to win donated prizes.

Work Within a Budget

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Hiring dealers, renting gaming equipment, buying food and beverages, and decorating your space can all add up. Decide on a budget early in your planning process.  You won’t be able to have it all, so you’ll need to prioritize what is most important.  This is true for any party, but especially true for such a specifically themed event like a casino night parties. Food, drinks and décorations are all important, but for a casino night, the top priority has to be the games. Put that at the top of your event planning list, and then see what you can afford in the way of professional dealers, hors d’oeuvres and the bar.

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