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Vacation Bible School Planning – Why have a VBS for your church?

Every year, more than 25,000 churches host Vacation Bible School and more than 3 million people experience it.  Whether you call it Vacation Bible School, VBS, Kids’ Week, Fun Zone or something complete unique to your church, it continues to engage your current congregation membership and opens the doors to new families.  This is a youth event that requires many volunteers, monetary support, and lots of helper hours.  There is a lot of work that goes into planning this annual event for your church every year, but utilizing the many talents in your congregation will help make this a stress-free event planning process for everyone.  It may be tempting to forego the event this year, but here are four reasons why so many individuals participate in Vacation Bible School events every summer.

Vacation Bible School is an ongoing ministry

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VBS can be a week-long event that has long-standing results.  Connections made during VBS result in discovery of church member prospects.  These can be very talented people to give their special gifts to the ministry.  Children join youth and mission projects happening in your congregation as well.  It can also identify current church members that have a calling for working in children’s ministry.  Since it’s only a five-day timeframe, members find it easier to volunteer for a specific amount of time, but this can snowball into finding a passion to serve in this area of the ministry.

VBS is an opportunity to share the gospel

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Since the curriculum is based on biblical content, it is easy to have conversations surrounding your faith.  Opening up student’s eyes to your church’s beliefs in this fun and laid-back setting, will create life long memories and wonderful feelings about your church.  The relationships developed with children and their families during Vacation Bible School provide many opportunities to share your church home with them.

Vacation Bible School creates lasting memories

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Birthday parties, special events, and themed events use creativity to evoke feelings of excitement.  The games, food, music, decorations and fun all connect together in a total package.  VBS events do the same thing for children while adding in an important message.  Connecting all the fun through ministry allows your church to permeate all aspects of VBS.  VBS is a special event cemented in a child’s heart and mind for a lifetime.

VBS is a special event that can be customized

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As with any special event, VBS is what your church makes it.  Picking a new theme each year keeps the week exciting and fun.  It allows the event planners to be creative with the games, snacks, crafts, decorations and music.   Think outside the box and consider items that work with your theme.  It’s easy to pick party rentals that are fun for everyone such as water items, toddler inflatables, obstacle courses, slides, bounce houses, carnival games, and inflatables for teenagers.  Need additional options?  How about life sized games or arts and crafts ideas?   You can even end the week with a family movie night on a giant inflatable screen to get everyone involved.  The event planning process will create memories no matter the entertainment and activities you choose. The message you share with children will change lives and in the end that’s all that really matters.

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