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Water Inflatables

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The school year is about to wrap up which means summer vacation is near! Sunshine, pool time, and longer days lead to more time to be outside! Why not cool off with one of our water inflatables?

If you are new to inflatable water pieces, allow us to give you a few basic facts that will be required for the operation and safety of the water inflatable. For setup, we require that a water source be available within 50 feet of the placement of the piece. This water source will run continuously while the piece is inflated and operating. Our company will provide a water hose and connector to attach to the water source. Along with a water source, a power source will be needed to inflate the water inflatables. This can either be provided by the client or by our company for an additional fee. We will bring along industrial extension cords to run to the power source. Our goal is to make the setup as simple as possible!

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s talk about what water inflatables we offer to rent!  The three categories we offer are; Slip & Slides, Water Combos, and Water Slides!

Water Slide Rental Edwardsville IL Water Inflatables Slip N Slide Slip & Slide St Louis Party Inflatables Bounce House

Slip & Slides Water Inflatables

  • Slip & Slide is a single lane traditional Slip & Slide. Water will continually mist on the piece to keep guests sliding to the end.
  • Dual Lane Slip & Slide contains not one, but two areas to slide down. These two areas are side-by-side and allow for two guests to go two at a time. Great for larger groups!

Water Slide Rental Edwardsville IL Water Slide St Louis Party Inflatables Bounce House

Water Inflatable Slides

  • The Wild Wave Water Slide features stairs on the left and a slide down the right side. Guest will climb up to the top and then slide down the water slide into a small pool area.
  • Wild Splash Water Slide contains a staircase leading up to the slide. There is a small pool at the bottom. This slide stands 18’ tall and is 34′ long.

Water Slide Rental Edwardsville IL Water Slide St Louis Party Inflatables Bounce House Fun Services

Water Inflatable Combos

  • Water Slide Combo is a unique piece featuring a slip & slide and 10’ water slide all-in-one. Use the slip & Slide side to slide down to the end where the piece wraps around and leads to the stairs to the water slide. Climb the stairs and slide out the front into a small pool where you are able to climb out and go again!
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  • Elite Events did a great job. They had great ideas, were on time and took the worry out of planning our event for 300 people.

    `` Alicia - Company Picnic

  • Used Elite Event for the first time on June 18. They were great. The staff made sure all of our needs were taken care. Our guests were very pleased with Elite.

    `` Marla - Company Picnic

  • My event went great with the help of Elite Event Services. They arrived ahead of time and were professional and polite. The whole event went so smoothly!

    `` Rebecca - Village Festival

  • The business and the product that Elite Event provides was outstanding. I had some of the parents who didn't belong to our church inquire about who and where we rented the slip and slide. We will be using in the future.

    `` Amanda - Church Event