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Special Event Companies . . .  What winter means to us!!

Spring is on its way! Thankfully, our operations team has been hard at work behind the scenes preparing for this special event season. Every off-season gives us the chance to improve our production practices and we greet the opportunity with open arms. We spend a week as a team making critical decisions that will affect how we deliver and produce our events for the entire year. Before this annual meeting, we spend weeks and sometimes even months preparing. Each area runs reports, gathers feedback, looks at budgets, and so much more to help us make the best decisions. We go into the meetings ready to change what hasn’t worked for us and improve any processes based on the feedback from our clients and Event Managers.

Inspecting, Cleaning, Repairs . . Oh MY!

Special Event, Inflatable Repair, Elite Event Services, Edwardsville IL, St. Louis MO, Youth Inflatables, Inflatable Rentals, Party Rentals, Bounce House Rentals This winter we have spent most of our efforts on evaluating our entire inventory. We have unrolled and inflated EVERY inflatable that we own. Upon inspecting each piece, we have done deep cleaning, repairs and even retired a few pieces. Each winter we retire a few pieces and make room for new items. It’s not the most glamorous part of our jobs, but always worth the effort. During the season our equipment is repaired, cleaned and inspected as needed, but in the winter it is a complete overhaul. Needless to say, we found a few stripes on the Tiger Belly Bounce that weren’t permanent. All of the equipment is inventoried, cleaned, repaired, and put in tip top shape to start the season. We take a lot of pride in our equipment and always want it looking its best.

Your Special Event is well . . . SPECIAL!

This winter was no different for us except we now have a building and grounds to maintain as well.  Luckily for us, we have the best operations team and they take great pride in all of our special event equipment.   The research, preparation and time spent in the winter are well worth it.  We’ve come out a stronger team and are ready to hit the ground running for the year. We want every event to be a special event no matter size, location, or budget.  Who says partying for a living is easy?

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Client Testimonials

  • Elite Events did a great job. They had great ideas, were on time and took the worry out of planning our event for 300 people.

    `` Alicia - Company Picnic

  • Used Elite Event for the first time on June 18. They were great. The staff made sure all of our needs were taken care. Our guests were very pleased with Elite.

    `` Marla - Company Picnic

  • My event went great with the help of Elite Event Services. They arrived ahead of time and were professional and polite. The whole event went so smoothly!

    `` Rebecca - Village Festival

  • The business and the product that Elite Event provides was outstanding. I had some of the parents who didn't belong to our church inquire about who and where we rented the slip and slide. We will be using in the future.

    `` Amanda - Church Event