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Picnic Planning 101

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Picnic Planning – What you need.

Below are some simple points to consider in picnic planning.

Do you really need a theme?

Employee picnic ideas can range from the very simple to the blow-out extravaganza. It is nice to have a theme in mind to keep your basics inline and create an overall event design. Considering the theme and entertainment, this makes it easier to plan the food and activities. Choosing a different theme each year for your company picnic adds variety, so everyone is anticipating what the theme for this year will be. If there is no change from year to year, the event becomes more ho-hum, hum-drum, and boring. Keeping it fresh and new also improves employee motivation and morale.

Do you really need entertainment for all ages?

Company picnic game ideas can range by age group and price. It is important to get a good mix for all ages. You really want all the age groups to feel like the picnic was planned with them in mind. For the adults, it is nice to have a mix of active (Sports Challenges, Team building, etc.) and inactive (Bingo, Trivia, etc.) activities to meet everyone’s needs during your picnic planning. For the young adults and teens, it is good to have Wii Games, Interactive Inflatables, and other challenging games. The children of all ages just love to be entertained. This can include midway games, crafts, inflatables, balloon artists, etc. The goal is a good mix within your budget constraints.

Do you really need food?

Yes, Yes and Yes! To a lot of the employees, the food is an exciting part of the day and having an unlimited buffet with a good variety really adds a special touch. This is a day to make them feel VERY appreciated for all they do year round, so you want it to be memorable. The company barbecue should include a variety, but still be within your budget. Remember that there will be some employees with dietary constraints such as no red meat or vegetarians. It is nice to always have a chicken option as well as a vegetarian one. Having the food served the entire event will allow everyone to eat when they’re hungry and allow them to arrive at the event whenever it is convenient for them.

Do you really need prizes, logistics, and advertising?

These items can often be forgotten when planning the employee event, but they are the glue the holds everything together. It’s not enough to have nice entertainment and tasty food it there’s nowhere to sit or go the bathroom. You also need to consider the amount of trash that will be accumulated during the event. Having plenty of receptacles and a large dumpster will keep everything neat and tidy. Prizes are not always required, but depending on the type of entertainment you choose they may be.’ Midway games pretty much require some type of giveaway as well as bingo and trivia games.

Advertising is one of the most important parts of the event and it happens before the special event. Employees/Spouses need to have plenty of time to plan for the event as well as know the details. Sending out save the dates, posting fliers in common areas, making announcements over interoffice communications, or using an RSVP system to send out reminders are all important parts of getting the word out. Remember that multiple methods must be used to really be efficient at this. It is also important to communicate if there will be any cost to the employees and how many guests they can bring.’ Clearing up any questions prior to your event will make the day run smooth.

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  • Elite Events did a great job. They had great ideas, were on time and took the worry out of planning our event for 300 people.

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  • My event went great with the help of Elite Event Services. They arrived ahead of time and were professional and polite. The whole event went so smoothly!

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  • The business and the product that Elite Event provides was outstanding. I had some of the parents who didn't belong to our church inquire about who and where we rented the slip and slide. We will be using in the future.

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