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How to Motivate Today’s Workforce – Employee Reward

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Ways to Reward Your Employees

We can all agree a little motivation goes a long way! Especially on those days that can be difficult leaving the comforts on your warm bed to get dressed and head into the office. Time to take a peek at a few options we found to make both employers and employees ready to jump on board. Employee Reward Program are very much needed at every level starting from Entry Level to Top level managers.


FBI Raid - Human TraffickingEveryone loves freedom, especially when we it comes totheir job. A great way to motivate your employees is to give them options to a more flexible work schedule. Some employees feel like the routine of everyday 9-5 can be cumbersome. Each employee is hired for a specific job position and may feel they have little voice in the overall product. If employers give employees options to switch up their work schedule when needed to relieve stress from outside work responsibilities, productivity and work performance will increase. Some employers offer PTO time, which stands for Paid Time Off. Paid Time Off is earned when the employee stays late or works over to meet work demands.This time is later able to be redeemed away from the office and the employee still gets paid. When an employee feels like they can be in charge of their hours, they will be much happier.

Employee of the Month

Every company should reward an employee each month. This person is someone who went above and beyond with all the tasks they were assigned. They are a great role model and display excellent interaction among coworkers in the office as well as customer service. Everyone loves being recognized for their hard work. The employee of the month reward could be a certificate and a letter stating what exactly you appreciate about them. A gift card or monogrammed coffee cup is a nice treat too! At the end of the year at an employee event or meeting is a great time to recognize these individuals. Each person that was an employee of the month should be asked to stand. These changes could be huge in decreasing employee turnover and building office moral. Think about what would be the most beneficial for your work environment and industry.

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