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Drive-In Movie Night

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At Elite Events, movie nights are one of our favorite event types to plan with our customers!  Whether you want to plan a drive-in style for a church or school or host a backyard style night at home, below are a few tips to help you plan the perfect evening!

Choose a Location:

If you want to host a drive-in style night, you should choose a place with a large parking area.  If you host a backyard movie night, make sure to find a large, area for viewers – an incline is best so everyone can see!  Don’t forget to let your guests know if they need blankets for a grassy area.  If you have a parking lot area, treat your guests and have chairs delivered to use.


One of the worst things when watching a movie is not being able to hear the movie.  We offer a few different options to make sure that everyone can hear your movie loud and clear.  You can choose a Hi-Definition sound system with extra speakers or a popular option is a FM transmitter so guests can listen from their vehicle.


With our inflatable screens, it’s important to have a dark atmosphere to see the picture clearly.  So, check the sunset time frame and schedule the movie for after when the sun will be down.  Also, make sure to keep an eye on the weather!  Plan ahead with a “rain-out” date and give a 48 hour notice to your guests.


And lastly (and most importantly), you want to choose yummy snacks.  For drive-in style, rent a tent with tables so guests can pick up food when they arrive.  Or, have someone deliver food right to their car!  Don’t worry, Elite Events has you covered with the most popular snack options: popcorn, soft pretzels, hot dogs, and so much more!

So, now that you have the key tips to planning your event…it’s time to start planning and pick the perfect movie to enjoy!


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Client Testimonials

  • Elite Events did a great job. They had great ideas, were on time and took the worry out of planning our event for 300 people.

    `` Alicia - Company Picnic

  • Used Elite Event for the first time on June 18. They were great. The staff made sure all of our needs were taken care. Our guests were very pleased with Elite.

    `` Marla - Company Picnic

  • My event went great with the help of Elite Event Services. They arrived ahead of time and were professional and polite. The whole event went so smoothly!

    `` Rebecca - Village Festival

  • The business and the product that Elite Event provides was outstanding. I had some of the parents who didn't belong to our church inquire about who and where we rented the slip and slide. We will be using in the future.

    `` Amanda - Church Event