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Company Picnic Locations

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How do you find a location for your company picnic?

The Company Picnic is a beloved tradition at many organizations. It is a great opportunity for team building and for employees to feel sense of pride for their company. A well planned company picnic with appropriate activities and accommodations can reinvigorate the staff for the coming year. There are general considerations that should be observed when planning for this exciting day. The Who, What, When, Where, and How can consume the decision-making process. One of the most difficult of these decisions can be the Where. Here are some options to consider when making this decision.

How far is too far from the company site? The rule of thumb is 15 miles from the main company location. Employees don’t want to feel inconvenienced to attend an appreciation event. They are accustomed to driving to the office, so 15 miles or less will not be too far out of their usual route.

What are the budget and logistic needs for your company?

It may be easy to find a site that can accommodate your attendance number, but you also have to accommodate all those cars. Also there needs to be enough power, restrooms and a water source.
Where do you get some help in making the decision? Ask a turn-key service provider. These companies specialize in company picnic events. They will already have a database of options ready to pick from. Planners can visit the sites with the provider to see if it will work for their needs and this service is usually provided free.

There are many venues out there to contemplate before making the final decision. There are also some organizations in your community that can point you in the right direction. Just keep in mind the general guidelines such as size, cost, parking needs, vendor requirements, etc.

On Company Site (Many planners think their site is just not an option, but most of the time there is adequate space and logistics needs available.)

Elks Lodges or any other fraternal organization local to you
Universities/College Campuses
Historic Sites
YMCA’s and their camps
Jewish Community Centers and their camps
Chamber of Commerce (Usually know of hidden gems in the area.)
Event and Festival Websites (Where do they hold local events?)

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  • Elite Events did a great job. They had great ideas, were on time and took the worry out of planning our event for 300 people.

    `` Alicia - Company Picnic

  • Used Elite Event for the first time on June 18. They were great. The staff made sure all of our needs were taken care. Our guests were very pleased with Elite.

    `` Marla - Company Picnic

  • My event went great with the help of Elite Event Services. They arrived ahead of time and were professional and polite. The whole event went so smoothly!

    `` Rebecca - Village Festival

  • The business and the product that Elite Event provides was outstanding. I had some of the parents who didn't belong to our church inquire about who and where we rented the slip and slide. We will be using in the future.

    `` Amanda - Church Event