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How to Choose a Party Theme

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How to Choose a Party Theme

When choosing a party theme, brainstorming sessions can pivot into many different directions. To avoid going down the rabbit hole, try these four factors to help narrow down the options.

First, what type of event is the party for? Will this event be for corporate, non-profit, or personal? When it comes to a work event, heavily consider the atmosphere and guests who will be attendance. Take into account if you should host this at the workplace or at a venue. Some venues are already equipped with a unique look that could help you decide on a theme to match their current décor. For a personal event, you are the host; this could be a simple backyard gathering or a rental of a more exquisite venue.

A second factor to consider, what time of year will the event be held? Does this event take place over the holidays or a different time of year? Keep in mind, parties hosted over the holidays can be more expensive due to the high demand of the season. If you are able to host a party in the warmer months, you always have the option of moving the party outside. Please remember to have a backup plan in case of inclement weather.

Thirdly, ask yourself, “how much time do I have to devote to this party? Will I have time to plan out all of the details or will I need to organize the event fairly quickly?” As the planner, you do not want to rush putting an event together. This will only cause unneeded stress and allow the possibility of overlooking an important detail. An important time management practice is to make a list and timeline. This will eliminate some of the hiccups that may occur along the way.

After you have selected a theme, the rest of the planning will flow easily. This event can be casual or extravagant depending on the party planner.

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