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Which Skills Should Someone Have if They Want to Go Into This Career?

Entering into the Event Planning industry can be overwhelming, frustrating, and at times trying of one’s patience. However, with improvement in these three key areas, we believe the everyday tasks of interacting with customers, paying close attention,andkeeping track of details, will help increase your mindset in the field.First, you must have the ability...

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Planning an event can be stressful, but there are several ways to decrease the stress. Preferred vendors are just one way to decrease the stress of planning a variety of events. Vendors on this list are typically reliable and trustworthy in the eyes of the company – they also tend to offer a discounted price in trade for the relationship that they establish. These lists are important for various reasons, but below are three reasons.Makes Planning EasierTypically in an event planning business, your customers are going to want their event catered to them and their needs. You a...

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3 Factors to Think about When Planning an Outdoor Event

3 Factors to Think about When Planning an Outdoor Event

When planning an outdoor event, please consider these three factors to avoid unexpected surprises the day of your event! Check Weather forecast on your Outdoor Event Date We all know Mother Nature has a mind of her own. Rain and lightning may cause for an event to be cancelled due to safety. To avoid a mini crisis, make sure to schedule a Rain Date at the same time you schedule the original event date. This will help if the occasion should arise, both planner and guests will be able to reschedule for the Rain Date. Grass or Pavement Whether your event will be set up on gr...

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Event Planner

Three Strengths Crucial for Event Planners

We are all human, we all make mistakes. We envy that person who seems to have it all together, ALL the time. How do they manage to look so put together after a day full of work, family duties, errands, and everyday life?! Upholding this type of demeanor takes practice, but is achieveable. Event planners are great examples of this type of behavior. Outlined below are three qualities we find to be the most beneifical in the event industry.ProactiveFirst off, no day is ever the same! A phone call, an electrical issue, each could cause a mishap in a matter of minutes. An event cou...

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Event Advertising

Advertising an Event – How to create a buzz for your next special event! You are finally done planning your special event. The DJ has been booked, food ordered, activities scheduled, party rentals secured and volunteers organized.  Now, how ...

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Special Event Companies

Special Event Companies . . .  What winter means to us!! Spring is on its way! Thankfully, our operations team has been hard at work behind the scenes preparing for this special event season. Every off-season gives us the chance to improve our production practices and we greet the opportunity with open arms. We spend a week as a team making critical decisions that will affect how we deliver and produce our events for the entire year. Before this annual meeting, we spend weeks and sometimes even months preparing. Each area runs reports, gathers feedback, looks at budgets, and so much...

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Party Rental Vendor

Party Rentals - How to select the RIGHT party rental vendor for your next event. Whether you choose Elite Event Services or another special event company for your next event, be sure to ask the right questions and get the right answers!  Not all party rental vendors are created equal and the behind the scenes items can make all the difference in choosing your next party rentals. Here are a few items to consider:Do they have a contract to guarantee that they must show up and that they must bring the party rental equipment you have ordered? What is...

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Fall Festivals

Fall Festivals - Autumn Leaves are Calling Again! Leaves falling, crisp air, comical scarecrows, and harvested crops are just a few reminders that the Autumn season is here once again. Personally this is my FAVORITE season of the year for many reasons, but especially because it brings PERFECT event weather!! There are many themed events that occur from September to November, but the most popular has got to be the Fall Festivals.It seems that everyone loves Fall Festivals and there are many different groups that like to pl...

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Elite Event Services

Elite Event Services is Ready to Serve You Hello and welcome to Elite Event Services - Edwardsville, IL. We are your premium event service provider. This expertise will be used to create a memorable experience that you and your guests won't forget. Our event management team is dedicated to providing you the best service for all your special event needs in the area. Elite Event Services is a family-owned and operated business with our focus on the customer's needs. We are committed to meeting and exceeding those needs and expectations every time. Who is behind Elite Event Service...

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Picnic Planning 101

Picnic Planning - What you need. Below are some simple points to consider in picnic planning. Do you really need a theme? Employee picnic ideas can range from the very simple to the blow-out extravaganza. It is nice to have a theme in mind to keep your basics inline and create an overall event design. Considering the theme and entertainment, this makes it easier to plan the food and activities. Choosing a different theme each year for your company picnic ...

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